sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

English blog - Experiences in 2014.

Hello, how are you?

Welcome to my blog where I tell you what I lived during my training in the year 2014.

Thank you for your visit!

1.       What was your favorite moment in year 2014 during SENA?

My favorite moment during the year 2014 was the tour that we did by Simon Bolivar Park because we did different activities that normally we make in our study.

It was a very pleasant experience, we made physical activity, we walked, we talk, we breathe pure air, we enjoy the silence and toured beautiful places of the park.

2.       Which has been the most interesting topic learned during 2014 during SENA?

I think that everything that we have learned have been interesting, especially the topics of race, the English and the human values.

All subjects seem special and important because they help me and help me in my future to do a good job in the companies that are going to operate.

3.       Explain with your own words and actions why you selected this topic?

Because, first of all subjects related to the career help me to know and play me correctly in the profession in the future.

Secondly, with the themes of the English language I have opportunities to move up in companies where needed workers with knowledge of logistics, but who also know how to speak and understand English.

Finally, human values, learn to communicate and learn to interact with other people are also important for success in my profession.


Finally, I want to say that it has been an opportunity of studying here, I have learned interesting things, there are challenges I faced and aspects in which I should I improve, I believe that it was a year 2014 with positive results for me and was also a year in which I had some difficulties, but I hope to overcome them and be a better person each day.


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